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Dental products for oral hygiene

We supply oral hygiene equipment to help ensure your dentures fit you perfectly. Contact the team at One Stop Dentures Ltd today to schedule an appointment.

Helping you maintain good oral health

Are you prone to grinding your teeth while sleeping? Do you want bleaching trays to remove the stains from your teeth? We supply a wide range of dental products from leading manufacturers to help improve your oral health. You can discuss your requirements with our experts and we will provide you with oral hygiene products that are sized to fit you perfectly.

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Our range of products include:

Mouth guards

Clear orthodontic retainers

Bite raising appliances

Bleaching trays

Tooth additions

Denture ID placement

Anti-snoring devices

Customised denture accessories

In addition to providing bespoke dentures, we also supply denture relines, tooth coloured or clear clasps, tooth additions, and more. You can count on our experienced and friendly experts to meet all your oral health requirements. Our clinic is ideally located for clients in Sidcup and the nearby areas of Kent.

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Everything you need to look after your dentures

It is essential to look after your dentures properly for the health of your mouth and dentures. Regular care can help reduce stains and odour, keeping your dentures looking like new for a long time. We have put together a few important denture care tips for new and experienced users. If you would like to discuss your queries with the experienced technicians at One Stop Dentures Ltd, get in touch with us today. We are based in Sidcup, Kent.

How To Clean Your Dentures

Dentures, whether full or partial, must be removed twice a day and cleaned with a soft toothbrush using either a mild denture cream or a combination of washing up liquid and warm water. We advise you to fill the basin with water first, so that if dropped, the dentures will not hit the basin and crack.

If you have partial dentures, then you must clean your remaining natural teeth as advised by your dental surgeon or hygienist at the same time as your dentures. Hold your denture with the index finger and the thumb as holding them in the palm of your hand can add unnecessary pressure.

You can place your dentures in a peroxide-based cleaner once a week, no more than that. Never put your dentures in boiling water, bleach, or other household cleaners. Denture materials are heat and chemical-sensitive.

If your dentures break, do not use superglue or any other glue to fix them as that can leave your dentures beyond repair.

At night, it is best to remove your dentures and place them in cool water so as to give your gums and remaining teeth, if present, a chance to rest.

For the best cleaning results you must have your dentures cleaned professionally on a regular basis or sooner depending on staining.

Brushing your dentures daily will remove plaque and food deposits, and also prevent them from becoming stained.

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Using dentures for the first time?

When you first get your new dentures, it takes around two months on an average for you to feel comfortable with them. It may take a few days for sufficient suction to build up. Bottom full dentures rarely stick so a degree of juggling is required. Your new dentures may cause soreness, especially if you have had your teeth extracted. We advise you to have your dentures adjusted as small discomfort can cause big problems. An average person needs at least six adjustments.
A day before your appointment for an adjustment, wear the dentures so that any sore spots will be easily visible which makes adjustments easier and accurate.

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